I was interested in why many people in Philippines aim to be medical
professional, and asked a teacher on Skype lesson.
Medical field was very popular because it was easy ticket to work abroad.
But after the U.S recession, the chance suddenly were closed.
Many people who wanted to be medical professional couldn't get
opportunity to work abroad.
Until now it is still difficult to get a job in the field.
They are required to have at least 3 years working experience.
As for in Phillipines, the domestic needs for medical worker was so overflowed
that they couldn't get the job even if working without pay.
The teacher couldn't get a opportunity to work in medical field
though she studied in nursing university.
She started working at a call-center, but the schedule she had in the
call-center company was "night-shift" from 9pm to 5am.
She was forced to work when many people slept.
It was tiresome to continue, and it disrupted her body-clock.
She decided to work at different company, and now has been working as
a teacher in Langrich.
She enjoys communicating with different people every day.
She said that her job was interesting not only because she can talk with many people but also she could learn about Japanese culture through the lesson from her students.

without pay… 無給で