[My Graduation Speech]
I wish I would not have to stand on this place.
But I have to accept this reality.

It is always heavy to say good-bye to good friends.
But sadness is an evidence that I could spend really
precious time with you all. Anyway it is really sad
for me to leave here.

During my stay, I made my English skill better than before.
Although I was somewhat confident of my pronunciation,
it was very tough to check some words and repeatedly practice
but I felt happy when I realized the improvement on how to pronounce.

I brought some books about Japanese culture, history or morality.
It seemed I was a Japanese teacher when I explained about these
things and I noticed how difficult to describe numerous things of
Japan correctly, even if they were very basic and common.
It was also a good training for speaking English.

By the way, for me, an authentic education is a dialogue.
Here in Langrich, we are not only teacher and student
but the partners to study together.
Langrich gave me a good opportunity to learn with
foreign people who have different kinds of background.

I could exchange a lot of opinions about the difference
between our cultures, religion, or societies.
I was a student studying English, but sometimes a teacher
who shared my knowledge and experience in my life.
I wonder if I was a good teacher, I hope these things are
helpful for you.

Finally, I will talk about the most impressive thing here.
Langrich is like an intersection of our lives.
Each of us has walked the path of life. The roads cross
each other and make a stage where we get together
accidentally, dramatically, and thankfully.

But we are still on the way to our own goals.
Before long, we will go in different directions to our goals.
So it is true serendipity that we could meet here.
Life is sometimes so severe that many hardships will
attack you. There must be big failure or mistakes.
You will lose self-confidence and self-doubt will be
produced in your heart. You might even feel as if you
were worthless and covered with despair forever.

But it is just a matter of moment.
Sometimes we need to take such bitter medicines.
Don't be trapped by these negative feelings.

Some people will say badly to you and you will be depressed.
But don't stop listening to the voice of our heart.
Let's believe the value of what we love.
All we have to do is doing what we think is right.

Of course it is very easy to say but very difficult to do.
But this is the most important thing to achieve our goals.
It is also hard for me, but I promise I'll do my best.
So let's do the right things. Anything else is secondary.